Video Maker Fx Review – Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

Video Maker Fx Review – Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

In the current world, the whole content industry is relying on video graphics to display concepts. Experts addressed this need and started making video-making software that is simple yet interesting to use. People can easily use these tools to make their videos, edit them, and so on.

One such software where people can make awesome videos without much effort is Video Maker FX. 

In this post, we have covered the important aspects of this software so that you understand what you actually get on buying it. When you are done reading this Video Maker Fx Review, you will know if this tool is worth your time and money.

What can the software be used for?

The software makers realized that the impact of videos in the sales field is tremendous. Hence they thought of making such a software that could be used for creating videos for affiliate offer promotions, making product reviews and guides, and growing traffic on one’s site.

Here’s what you get when you use this tool.

  1. Users can create captivating video presentations in a few minutes and in a very easy way. The software is designed for the new people in the field, who do not have any experience in video making.
  2. The software provides basic functions like slideshow creator and the ability to convert video bundles to audio files. Videos can be edited, trimmed, split, compressed with the features available
  3. Majority of basic features are also supported on the software. You can even add music to the videos or just the background music to make your videos more interesting.
  4. Subtitles can also be added, and it is also possible to focus on an object in motion in the videos. 
  5. The software works efficiently on both Windows and Mac. The. The videos of the presentations made through the app are beautiful, professional, and unique
  6. The tools and features are really simple, enabling the users to save effort and time while editing and rendering the videos.

Level of difficulty and learning curve

Now making good videos is obviously a cumbersome task, but through Video Maker FX, this complicated and difficult task has been made really easy. Additionally, they are no restrictions or limits on making these videos. You can create as many as you want and can have full rights on them.

The software has a very short learning curve!

 It does not need any details and complicated tutorials to be watched. The software’s user interface offers a number of tools that can be applied or used, using drag and drop. One can easily apply additional animated background effects in the videos and can even customize the backgrounds, according to their need. Texts with different fonts, color, and size can also be easily added to the videos.

Features of the software

  1. There are lots of graphics available and background themes available, which can be added to the videos.
  2. The speed of generation of videos is very fast.
  3. The software doesn’t occupy a lot of space 5.
  4. There are 240 plus animated slides available that cover more than 35 different topics.
  5. The software offers all the kind of logo and intro templates. 
  6. There are many royalty-free audio tracks available, which are professionally composed. 
  7. The software can be used in generating sales letter videos and make them more compelling.
  8. The software also comes with some training material. Hence, if someone is taking time to get familiar or gets stuck, they can easily refer to the material.


Video Maker FX prices start at $37 as a one-time payment. The free version isn’t available and the software does not offer a free trial. The prices are very moderate in comparison to other software, looking at the services and the features offered by it.

Pros And Cons

There are many pros and cons, related to the software and I would like to present them in a very spruced-up manner in the form of a table.

1.low price 1. The software is not well suited for complicated video editing.
2. Creates incredible videos in no time 2. The software might work slowly on the old version computers.
3. Easy to use and very simple user interface
4. Has all the animation effects
5. The content can easily be customized including the text, background, font, and so on
6. Has really special effects for the videos

Overall Rating


Is it really worth it?

Video Maker FX is actually worth it!

Owing to its prices and the services offered, it is very worth it. It is a ready-to-use and easy-to-use software that can really help business individuals boost their sales by making captivating presentations, in the most spruced up manner, with little know-how. The amazing effects and the flexibility this software offers is very rare to be found.