Doodly Review – Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

Doodly Review 2021 – Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

In this article, we are going to explain the various features and uses of this Doodly software so that you get to understand why this is so popular among video content creators. When you’re done reading this in-depth Doodly review, you will have a clear perception as to buy this software or not. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Doodly software is a simple drag-and-drop doodle video creator. It allows the creation of the most realistic looking Doodle videos for any industry and niche. Using this software, anyone can create unique videos that might help increase conversions as well as sales. The users can easily create videos with Doodly, which is adored and enjoyed by everyone. This effectively will help one to increase their engagement for their website or business. The tool can help turn all the visitors into buyers. One can buy the subscription plan from Doodly and download the software from its official website The product comes with a 30 day trial period.

What is the use of Doodly Software?

Doodly is the first Doodle video creation software to allow anyone, irrespective of design and technical skills, to create realistic and professional doodle videos in a jiffy. Doodly desktop application software not only allows users to create whiteboard animation videos but also blackboard, glass board and green board videos. Doodly is used for creating real, professional videos in minutes that can be entertaining, engaging and positively affect your viewers.

Level of difficulty & learning curve 

Doodly comes with easy to follow videos that teach the user everything right from scratch by creating a video, adding your images, and even exporting images and videos. The users can create their first video in a minute once they have downloaded the software. Doodly allows non-specialists to create their own professional doodle sketch videos with little or no design or technical skills. One will no longer be forced to pay outrageous fees, and wait weeks for professional designers and videographers to create hand-sketched, doodle videos for you. Instead, one can create your videos in minutes and the end result can be even better than what the professionals deliver.

Salient Features of Doodly 

  • Doodly SmartDraw technology – allows users to draw any image in just a few seconds. Users can not only use hundreds of doodle images in your videos, but the software also allows you to upload your own images and then use Doodly’s patent-pending, Doodly SmartDraw technology. With the use of this technology, users can create point-and-click custom draw paths, allowing users to draw anything that they upload.
  • Custom voice over audio – The software allows you to record your own custom voiceover audio directly within Doodly. Moreover, the software allows easy sync between the audio and your Doodle sketch with the click of a button. The voice recording process is super simple on Doodly. Using the record button, Doodly can automatically add your voice to your video. 
  • Thousands of custom drawn image libraries – Doodle sketch images are exclusively found on Doodly. The whole collection of doodle images found inside of Doodly have been custom drawn by their professional graphic artist team. Such high-quality doodle sketch images are never to be found on the web. Users can get two hundred total characters and twenty different poses each. Users can also get twenty different background scenes, and hundreds of props and assets covering every topic and niche they want. 
  • Free audio music tracks – Doodly provides users with royalty-free audio music tracks, perfect for any genre. Users can easily drag and drop their choice of background music to the video timeline. Just by adjusting the volume up or down – your video will sound like it has been created by a professional.
  • Install Doodly on as many computers – As you must be aware, most of the software only allows a limited number of installs. With Doodly, users will be able to download and install it on as many laptops and computers as possible. In simple terms, Doodly is both PC and Mac compatible. 
  • Create high-quality video files – Doodly allows the user to easily create high-quality video files. The user also has an expert option to include videos with resolution varying from 360p to 1080p and frames per second varying from 24 to 60.
  • Create a variety of boards – On Doodly, users can choose a variety of boards to create explainer videos. To be precise, Doodly offers four different boards and they are – 
    • Whiteboard
    • Glassboard
    • Greenboard
    • Blackboard


Doodly offers two types of pricing plans, namely Standard and Enterprise, as mentioned below.

Standard Enterprise
Monthly subscription of $39

Yearly subscription  $20/month (billed annually).

Monthly subscription $69

Yearly subscription $40/month (billed annually)

Allows creation of an unlimited number of videos Allows creation of an unlimited number of videos
License to use the Software On Multiple Computers License to use the Software On Multiple Computers
Access to Premium Support Access to Premium Support
803 Character images 3,596 Character images
1,157 Prop images More than 3,000 Prop images
84 Scene Templates 84 Scene Templates
100 Royalty Free Music Tracks 150 Royalty Free Music Tracks
Invitation to Doodly Design Facebook Group Invitation to Doodly Design Facebook Group
No Access to Doodly Club Access to Doodly Club – Monthly Membership (Get New Characters & Images Monthly)

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons
Heavily discounted single annual pricing plan which comes as an alternate for monthly pricing plan Users can upload images only in the PNG and JPEG formats. 
Pricing includes on-going development and all-new features Permits the user to easily create standard .mp4 video files which can easily be uploaded to various video sites like YouTube and others
Doodly is very easy to use, and it’s available for Windows systems. Although it is a desktop application, one must have an Internet Connection, as the storage happens in the cloud. 
Doodly is available on both Mac and PC (32bit or 64bit compatible). Requires Windows 7 or higher for PC and Mac OSX 10.10 or higher
Each image has automatically pre-determined “draw path,” which users can customize as per their wish. 

Doodly: Is it worth it?

Yes, Doodly is worth it. Doodly is used to make animation videos with different board styles. Remember it does not require any animation-related technical skills to make Doodly whiteboard animation videos. It’s easier than one can think. In a nutshell, Doodly helps to create explainer videos with their pre-defined templates. However, it’s a desktop application, and users must have an internet connection to use this software because of cloud storage.

It is worth noting that audience engagement videos create big impacts on your work and also get you more revenue. Moreover, Doodly can help make better videos with technical expertise. It is also inexpensive and easy to use for everyone. So, if you are thinking of making animation videos, and looking for the software to make it, then Doodly is your perfect choice.

Overall Rating


Final word

We hope you now have a clear understanding of what’s in store for you when you get the Doodly software. If you want to read other articles like this Doodly review article, head over to the Menu section and choose the software you want to read about.