Moovly Review – Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

Moovly Review 2021 – Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

In this Moovly review, you are going to learn about the various features that come with this animation software and the pros and cons of the tool. You can also go through the pricing section and find out if it is suitable for your need and budget. 

Moovly is an online application that comes in handy if you want to make eye-catchy videos for advertising, learning, or correspondence, without being a specialist. Moovly helps you effortlessly make incredible videos. Start without any preparation or utilize any of the completely adjustable video layouts for your video making trials. Using a mix of transferred pictures, recordings, text and voice, and many other uploaded items (stock pictures, recordings, sounds, and music) in various styles, you can make interesting videos. You can download or distribute these videos on YouTube, Vimeo, or Moovly’s Gallery. Moovly has an incredible free form, genius memberships, and adjustable venture arrangements. 


The controls can be a little difficult to use and understand for beginners and some even for experienced video makers. It takes time to adapt to and understand this software. However, it has tutorials that help you make videos and use Moovly and once you get a hang of it, it becomes very easy. 


Starting from: $49.00/month

Pricing model: Free, Subscription

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)


  1. Animation – Moovly provides animation services to make great videos with effects and transitions. It is easy to use and makes great videos in your own style. 
  2. Image Library – You don’t have to go searching for pictures everywhere. Moovly has an image library and a great collection of images ready for your use. 
  3. Video Editing – Not only can you make videos from scratch, but also edit your pre-made and already shot videos with Moovly. It has various elements that would help you to enhance your video in the best way possible. 
  4. Customizable Templates – Moovly has customizable templates. Thus, you can start off in the style you want and customize it to produce your video just the way you want it to be.
  5. Social Sharing – It provides social sharing, and hence you can immediately share your video to various social sites. You can share and promote your video and brand or share it with your friends for leisure and pleasure. 
  6. Watermarking – It has watermarking features that help you mark your video as solely your own. 




The software of Moovly is very user friendly. One can easily produce a video within a few hours of usage.  The software provides various pre-loaded videos that are fun to implement and easy to add to your video.

There are limited clips and videos, however. Most of the videos need to be added on from outside since the collection is comparatively low in number.

It is easy to use for growing businesses. They can make quick promotional videos, advertisements, and other videos regarding their businesses. This helps them grow better and elevate their performance.

It only provides yearly subscription, and hence it becomes hard for new businesses to afford the annual plan. People suggest that there should be a monthly or quarterly subscription to the video editing software.

It is free for most members. Hence you can use the features and learn video editing on your own without worrying about finance.

Its free version has limited pre-loaded images and clips to use, and hence it becomes kind of restricted. Even some elements are reserved for only paid members, which blocks the creativity of video makers.

Project Templates and customizable templates help in making videos very easily and fast. It also helps in personalizing the video and adding on one’s own style to the video.

The software has a few glitches in some parts and hence becomes kind of frustrating while making the videos. The glitches make the video-making process tiring and slow. 

It has tutorials that aid you in making videos and using Moovly that make video making and learning about videos very easy.

The controls can be difficult to use and understand for beginners and some even for used video makers. It takes time to adapt to and understand this software.

They have excellent customer service. They would get in touch with you and effectively resolve your issues. They wouldn’t leave you hanging and help you out.

Though reaching customer service can take a few days. Though they do help you out, they do so slowly. Even answers to the simple questions can take up to a few days to answer.

It has data import and export features that allow you to import pre-made videos and other data and export your creation to wherever you want. This makes it easier to edit and work on videos. 

The rendering takes a lot of time. Even the shortest of videos take comparatively longer time to render. Hence, it becomes a little annoying and slows down the video producing procedure. 

They have customizable timing for the transitions instead of a default time set. This makes video making easier and makes it just how the user wants to make it.

The type of transitions and effects that the software provides are good but very few in number. This restricts creativity and innovations in video makers.

They are constantly coming up with new updates and features to keep up with the changing world and improving their glitches and bugs so as to make themselves better. 

Some of the pictures and videos are paid, and they are very expensive. Users find it not worth their money to spend so much on some simple images and videos.


Moovly is a unique software with various features. To summarize this Moovly review, it can be stated that Moovly is definitely worth it if you are starting out, learning video-making, or are a new business. But if you are a very experienced and professional video maker and need full freedom and unlimited effects for your video, it is advised to seek alternatives. However, Moovly’s pricing and features and elements make it a wonderful video editing software for most people.