Easy Sketch Pro Review - Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Easy Sketch Pro Review 2021: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

This article is about Easy Sketch Pro review. When you finish reading this post, you will learn the usage and features of Easy Sketch Pro. You will also know the pros and cons of this tool. It will help you determine if this tool is suitable for you or not.

Easy Sketch Pro is a doodle and video creation software, which is predominantly used by video presenters. This app is used by those who are specialized in creating explanation videos. Doodle videos made by this software are quite special as they very closely resemble drawings on a whiteboard, which are made in real-time. This software application can be used for making beautiful and aesthetic presentation videos. Easy Sketch Pro is not hard to learn, which means that novices can easily get acquainted with how the application functions. Beginners can learn to use this software in a very short span of time and can start making videos effortlessly.

Easy Sketch Pro Usage

Easy Sketch Pro is one of the best tools out there in the market for creating presentations. With the help of this application, one can make presentations for schools, colleges, offices, and other purposes. This doodle and video making application incorporate several features that are necessary for making doodle-based videos. It is highly recommended for college students who are looking forward to making educational videos and college presentations.

Features of Easy Sketch Pro

Basic Add-on features:

Easy Sketch Pro comes with several useful features, which are required for making quality content. These features include basic add-ons like uploading your own image on this application and uploading your own video and music files. 

Professional Backgrounds and Image library: 

Along with the above-mentioned features, the app also provides users with professional polished backgrounds to work on and an image library packed with photos. This software also allows the users to make adjustable transitions from sketches to live-video intros.

Compatible with Mac and Windows: 

The app is compatible with both, Mac and Windows computers. 

Ease of payments: 

This app also offers the users with ‘One-off Charge’, which means that the users will have to make a one-time payment and will not be bothered on a monthly basis. 

No hidden charges: 

While using this software application, one is free from export charges and hidden fees. The videos made by this app in the trial version will have a watermark on the bottom right corner. This watermark will read as “Made by Easy Sketch Pro”. 

Assets provided: 

This application also allows the user to create their own logo. The premium software will allow the user to add their own logo. It also allows users to choose from over 12,000 premium images and soundtracks. However, the paid application is quite costly.

Customization and social media usage:

Easy Sketch Pro also enables its users to customize their hotspot links with only a few clicks. This application allows the user to reach new heights by creating videos that work best with social page hotspot links. 

Easy to learn: 

One can use this software to customize features like colors. It also helps in taking note of specific icons, and also helps in taking control of time frames in a very short span of time.

Level of difficulty of the app

Easy Sketch Pro, like the name suggests, is quite easy to use. It does not require any special or specific skill sets to use this application. One can easily train themselves to use this application with minimal to no efforts. Easy Sketch Pro has several versions in the market and its V3.0 is highly recommended for new users. This software has an interface that is similar to that of MS Office, in multiple ways. This makes it quite easy to understand for those who have experience of using MS Office. Beginners can learn this application in a very short period of time and make professional videos almost with zero efforts.


  • SpeedEasy Sketch Pro is made for those who are looking forward to having a good time making videos for casual purposes rather than for highly professional work like business presentations. Thus, this application is quite easy to learn, and one may easily catch-up with this application.
  • Ease of Use: Easy Sketch Pro is made for non-professional, thus it is quite easy to understand and will not require much effort to learn the usage of this software. It is also quite similar to that of MS Office, in terms of its tools, so naturally, it is found to be very easy to use.
  • IntegrationsThis software is integrated with several other applications and social media platforms. It is also integrated with third-party applications. Therefore, the application can easily fetch content and can also directly push it on platforms like YouTube and others.
  • Value for Money: The application is quite costly but its prices are nothing in comparison to other video making software that are available online. The services that the application provides are worth the money that it charges.


  • Less creative skills required: Due to the availability of several features and image banks to choose from, this application makes it quite easy to make videos. It reduces users’ work in terms of creativity.  
  • Less manual work is required: Easy Sketch Pro, also known as Sketchbook Pro, is very easy to use and has been optimized for those who are looking forward to making casual videos. Thus, the app does not allow the users to put in many efforts in the video-making process.
  • Trial versions come with watermarks: The trial version of this application comes with a watermark on the videos. On the bottom right side corner of the video, users can find the watermark that says, “Made by using Easy Sketch pro”.
  • Less difference between trial mode and the premium version: The premium version of the application does not offer many features in comparison to that of the trial version of the application. Only a few additions are incorporated in the premium version of Easy Sketch Pro.


Easy Sketch Pro is available in four plans in total. They include the free trial, starter version, business version, and business pro version. Here is the pricing structure of Easy Sketch Pro:

  • Free Trial: Available for free
  • Starter version: $37 license fee
  • Business version: $67 license fee
  • Business Pro version: $97 license fee

Overall Rating



We hope this Easy Sketch Pro review has helped you determine if it is the right option for you. It is certainly one of the easiest video-making applications to choose from. 

It is highly recommended to use this application for non-professional use. College students and school-goers should definitely use this software to make video content for their projects and casual work.