Biteable Revie – Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

Biteable Review 2021 – Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

In this article, we have covered all the crucial details of the Biteable video making software. This Biteable review is not just about the features and uses of this tool. It goes in-depth into the video creation features from a marketing perspective. Also, you will get many of the commonly asked questions answered here.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Biteable?

Biteable is a free-to-use intuitive video making software that is apt for beginners. If you are running low on budget or even getting started with your video presentations for branding or educational purposes, this tool serves you just right. 

Biteable hardly leaves out any type of videos you wish to create. There are hundreds of templates, layouts, and other settings that you can use at your convenience or edit them to suit your project brief. 

In short, it is a cost-effective video creation software for the effortless production of short videos or presentations.

Is Biteable easy to use?

As videos are considered a more engaging form of content – be it animated, anecdotal, or promotional – all video editing platforms focus on categorized pre-designed templates for quick and effortless workflow. 

Biteable comes with a vibrant, engaging, pre-designed set of video templates, infographics, presentations, images, and more. These templates include all the necessary elements, including animation, effects, sound, music, text overlays, and color scheme.

All you need to do is pick a layout or design as per your requirement and make the necessary changes. Simply, edit the text, replace images or illustrations, change brand name, music, add GIFs. 

If you are using it for presentation purposes, you can add stats and proofs as easily as PowerPoint. Just drag and drop is all you need. You don’t need to be an expert video editor to use Biteable, it is a user friendly software with clean and organised look.


  • More than 800,000 animations, video clips, and footages available on Biteable studio.
  • Upload your images and video clips for adding effects, animations, music, and more elements.
  • Create beautiful, engaging videos from existing templates and change layouts, text, etc.
  • Effortless editing and video-making for promotional & branding purposes, social media ads & campaigns, explainer videos, presentations, webinars, as well as animations.
  • Share and download your videos on all platforms.
  • Quick sign up for free trials with Google and Facebook without credit card.
  • 10 additional editing tools for different purpose assigned to each. (It will be discussed further.)

What types of videos can I create on Biteable?

Biteable is essentially used for marketing purposes. It has been tried and tested by more than 6 million people worldwide. Not only novice users, top industry leaders like Microsoft, Airbus, Shopify, CISCO, and Mattel, have also used Biteable for marketing. 

Therefore, Biteable has covered four major sections in video and content marketing – Promotional, Explainer, Social Media, and Animation.

Take a look at each category to conclude what type of videos you can create with Biteable.



Social Media


Advertising & Marketing



Animated videos

Promo video

Corporate video


Animated text

Product & Sales



Cartoon & Animation




Intro & Outro maker




Motion Graphics

Trailer & Book Trailer & Channel Trailer

Presentations & Slideshows

Instagram Stories

Photo Videos



Youtube intros

Real Estate

Video Resume

Facebook & Instagram ads, Twitter, LinkedIn & Snapchat ads

Pros & Cons

Like every marketing tool or software out there, Biteable has some amazing benefits as well as setbacks.


  • Exclusive library of templates, scenes, and animation based on the video category you choose. You can easily edit the scenes and layouts. 
  • When you start a project, it asks you to choose a few options to offer suggestions based on your profession, purpose, and video type.
  • Safe and secure software without any need to download apk or other files. The only sync needed is for the import and export of media files.
  • A great alternative for quick learning the video editing skills, especially aimed at beginners and novice marketers for quick video production.
  • Biteable is value for money, as verified by marketers and graphic designers. It is cheaper and affordable for entrepreneurs with a tight budget.


  • The website is too slow. There is room for improvement in speed and smooth running of the website. It takes more than 30 minutes to export lengthy video content.
  • There are limits to editing or replacing elements in a niche-focused pre-designed template.
  • The exported videos are sent via an email link, and no download is allowed. 

What are the additional tools in Biteable?

Besides creating compelling and interactive videos, you can use Biteable for other purposes as well. It offers 10 additional video editing tools mentioned below.

  • Video Trimmer – It is used to remove the extra footage from your video clip.
  • Crop Video – While there are many layouts, sometimes you need custom cropping to fit the required ratio supported by different social media channels. It is used to crop videos.
  • Add Music to Video – Upload music or pick from the Biteable library to add to your video.
  • Add Text to Video – Add text anywhere in the video and apply animation to it for better effects.
  • Add Image to Video – Upload your own images or choose from the library to add it in your video project.
  • Video merger – It lets you combine or merge multiple clips along with transition effects.
  • Convert Image to Video – With few clicks, turn your images into videos.
  • Video Resizer – Resize your video without affecting the aspect ratio.
  • Remove audio from video – Remove audio or sound effects from the video and easily replace it with music or soundtrack of your choice.
  • Montage Maker – Use photos to create a beautiful slideshow or video montage.   


Biteable provides two options to its user – free and paid. Your free trial period lasts forever but has limitations. Without any credit card information, you can start using biteable with a quick sign up process. You get watermarked video exports with the free version.

The paid options have two plans – Plus Plan and Team Plan. Plus Plan is priced at $19/month. When billed annually, you pay $228. It allows a single user with unlimited video exports. 

However, the Team Plan is priced at $49/month with annual billing of $588. It has unlimited team users and an additional feature called collaborative editing. 

Whichever plan you choose, it is affordable for everyone.

Overall Rating


Final thoughts

Biteable is a free online video making solution for beginners and entrepreneurs. It is an absolute low-budget software with excessive features and a library of free to use graphics. You don’t have to look for malicious free online video editing software for merging, editing, and other actions to create videos as it has its own set of amazing editing tools. 

The slow website, download setback, and limited actions allowed on existing templates make professionals invest in better and quicker alternatives. However, that must not stop you from trying and honing your editing skills at Biteable as a beginner. Even as a professional, you can get ideas from their templates in all categories.

We hope this article on Biteable review helped you determine if it is the right tool for your video creation projects. If you want to learn about alternatives to Biteable, make sure to browse through the menu section and read reviews of the other video maker tools.