Top 5 Video Doodle Makers – Compare Before You Buy

Top 5 Video Doodle Makers – Compare Before You Buy

The competition in the digital world is getting tougher day by day. This brings brands and marketers to match their speed with competitors to catch customer’s attention. Animated videos for promotion are one way to go for it. Studies have found that engaging videos contribute to increased traffic and sales. Significantly, doodles have played an important role in educating customers about your services. Therefore, graphic designers and content marketers are shifting their focus from lengthy text copies to more informative and interesting doodle videos for promotion.

List of top 5 best doodle video makers in 2021

As there are several doodle making software to choose from, we have discussed the top 5 best doodle video makers in the list below. Without further ado, let’s take a look at features, pricing, and usability of the best doodle software in 2021 that have reserved a special place in marketers’ toolkit.

1. Animaker

Animaker is one of the best doodle video makers, as it is widely used for different graphics. Be it drawings, doodles, presentations, video resumes, video infographics, promotional ads, or campaigns, it covers all the features of an all-in-one video creator software.
The software comes with pre-installed layouts for you to add, remove, and edit content as per your video requirements.

Rating – 4/5

It has several interesting features and options:

  • Template suggestions based on the category chosen by the user.
  • A large library of amazing graphics, illustrations, music, and other media.
  • Both free and premium subscriptions available.
  • Quick export or publish videos online.
  • Customizable templates, including infographics, branding videos, and campaigns.

 It is called DIY animation software because it is easy to use for designers. For beginners, there are basic templates to start with, and a few video tutorials make the task easier. It lets you create doodle videos with ease using a drag and drop editor. You can choose from hundreds of templates and elements to create a quick animated video.


It is a free web-based video maker and animation creator software. For free members, Animaker is an easy-to–handle video creator with a lot of media and illustrations to choose from. Exporting videos has its monthly limit, and another caveat is downloading the videos. However, paid users get extra benefits. Apart from access to all the features, they can export and download videos too. The paid subscription is cheaper than its alternatives, starting from $19/month.

2. Doodly

Doodly is another drag and drop doodle video maker that can be used for educational, informational, and promotional purposes. It supports both Mac and Windows. For creating whiteboard explanation videos, it is one of the best doodle software. It has whiteboard, blackboard, and glassboard options to start with.

Rating – 3.6/5

It comes with easy to grasp tools and features:

  • Easy to create videos in minutes.
  • More than 400+ templates, 750 characters, and 6000+ images, props, and 150+ royalty-free music are available based on the subscription plan.
  • Quick sync recorded audio and add multiple audios.
  • Import fonts, music, images, and more.

Doodly is quick to learn whiteboard animation software with an easy-to-use interface. It is divided into sections like any other video software screen. You can access various settings, tools, elements, and timeline all at once. However, the horizontal timeline seems like a setback to scroll endlessly for large videos.


Doodly is not a free tool. It has two subscription plans – Standard and Enterprise. Standard starts from $39/month and Enterprise starts from $69/month. Though yearly subscription price varies for both. It can be a bit expensive for starters as well as brands on a small budget. Nonetheless, its whiteboard doodles have helped bag sales for many projects.

3. Powtoon

Powtoon is an award-winning video creation and presentation software that makes it to the list of top 5 best doodle makers in 2021. It is trusted by more than 20 million users and renowned companies to promote their products, boost sales, and create engaging animated videos.

Rating – 4/5

It comes with easy to grasp tools and features:

  • Create HD videos in minutes.
  • Professionally designed library of editable templates, characters, images, props, soundtracks, texts, fonts, and music.
  • Quick social integration including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Hubspot, Wisteria as well.
  • Import videos, GIFs, fonts, music, images, and more.

You need zero technical skills to use Powtoon for producing highly engaging videos as well as educational presentations. Ready-to-use and customizable video templates make it easier to create presentations at a school level.


Powtoon has both a free trial version and paid subscription models. There are three subscription models and each gets pricier with extended number of features. Free plan comes with 100 MB storage with limited access to the library and features. Paid subscriptions are pro, pro+, and agency. Starting from $89/month and 2GB storage space. Annual billing is cheaper than monthly payments.

4. Explaindio

Explaindio is another great tool for beginners. It provides tools to create 2D and 3D animated videos and finesse beginner skills. It can be used for video editing and animation rendering because of its versatile features. It is ideal for agencies, freelancers, teachers, and marketers. Trusted by Youtubers and brands, Explaindio is considered as a cheaper and affluent animated video maker for marketing bits.

Rating – 3.5/5

It comes with easy to grasp tools and features:

  • Import videos, 3D elements, images, fonts in different formats like MP4, FLV, MOV, WMV, and AVI.
  • More than 150+ pre-designed texts, fonts, and 140+ images, doodles, and videos.
  • Cloud storage for saving and accessing videos from anywhere.
  • Social sharing at multiple channels to boost traffic.

Anyone can use Explaindio to create class presentations, video intros, doodles for kids, as well as marketing campaigns for business. Edit existing templates, choose layouts, customize elements in animation, and apply effects to videos with just a click. However, for beginners, animations can be challenging at first. But, online tutorials are available on multiple platforms to solve that.


Explaindio is cheaper and affordable, starting from $37 monthly. Meanwhile, there is a yearly subscription fee of $67, which is much affordable compared to other software in the market. Alternatively, you can opt for a one-time subscription of $497.

5. Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro is a powerful video animation software used by renowned industry leaders and companies. It is widely used for creating doodles and presentations from scratch. It is used by marketers, schools, retailers, and freelance graphic designers to create highly engaging interactive doodle videos.

Rating – 4/5

It has amazing and interactive features:

  • Create engaging videos using backgrounds, images, music, and voiceovers.
  • Quick sharing of videos to Facebook, YouTube, and other social media channels.
  • Library of professionally created and edited backgrounds, images, music, and more.
  • Quickly transition from sketches to intro videos.
  • Windows and Mac support.

It is an easy-to-use software with a clean user interface. Like PowerPoint, it has an accessible toolbar and a less complicated worktable. The quick drag and drop elements and media from a library make it a better option among professionals and beginners. Therefore, one doesn’t need the technical skills of an experienced designer to use it.


Easy Sketch Pro has no recurring fees, which makes it an affordable alternative over others. It has a one-time fee starting from $37. You can choose from three subscription plans, namely, Starter, Business, and Business Pro. With higher plans, you can unlock more amazing features and gain access to over 12,000 royalty-free images.

What are other doodle video makers?

Besides the ones mentioned among the top 5 best video makers in 2021, there are other affordable and extensively used animation software in the market. Based on the complexity, experience, and budget, you can also use InVideo, Biteable, Moovly, Videoscribe, Raw Shots, and many more.

Are there any free doodle makers and apps?

To make explainer videos, it is not essential to be highly skilled and have access to paid software. For starters, there are many mobile applications and free software at your disposal. Though most of the top 5 best doodle video makers mentioned in the list are free to use, MySimpleShow, AdobeSpark, Raw Shorts are free whiteboard software. Apart from these, Flipaclip, Doodlify, and Anime maker are a few easy-to-use tools you can quickly install to start creating amazing explainer videos.

Wrapping Up

The digital world is teeming with explainer videos and animated presentations. Whether you are using these tools for educational or promotional purposes, doodles are a surefire way to create long-term engagement without inducing boredom.